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Discogs offers a range of advertising, editorial, sponsorship, and campaign solutions that deliver results for global brands and the music industry.

Solutions include:

Segmentation and Targeting
Display Advertising
Sponsored Editorial Content
Artist Alerts and Partner Messaging

and Targeting

Find the consumers you are seeking with Discogs data and targeting. Tailor your campaigns by customizing segments around music genres or artist affinity targeting while also incorporating behavior, content, or audience targeting to exceed your campaign goals.

Display Advertising

Reach the millions worldwide visiting Discogs daily with optimized display advertising campaigns. Using animated or static creative across our stack of products, Discogs can customize your advertising approach with contextual targeting across multiple devices and platforms, increasing your brand’s awareness among the Discogs Community.

Editorial Content

Storytelling is the most powerful communication tool for any brand. Engage with Discogs visitors by tapping into their excitement for music discovery with customized editorial content. The soul of Discogs is the authentic voice that music fans trust when seeking out the music they care most about.

Artist Alerts and Partner Messaging

Artist Alerts are unique to Discogs and a powerful tool for record labels and artists. When an artist drops new releases or shares new content, connect directly to fans and deliver highly contextual, text-based direct messages to active Discogs users who already have that artist’s music in their Collection or Wantlist.

Discover Unique Opportunities
Only on Discogs

Discogs visitors encompass a spectrum of music fans, from the budding collector to the hardcore audiophile – offering an unparalleled reach to a massive audience of passionate people from all corners of the world. They’re spending money on music, so you know they’re spending money on a wide range of products that enhance their lifestyles.

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